Any Buffy/Angel fans? (spoilers)

Sutter Cane

Aug 14, 2012
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I'm hoping there are some fans on here. Which show do you like better? Favorite character(s)? Favorite whatever? I just want to know your opinions on both shows. Is there a part you want to talk about?

Joss Whedon loves to kill off characters so in your opinion, whose death is the saddest of all seasons on Buffy?
-For me it's Buffy's mother. Her death is different from others (aside from that blonde girl in 7th season) because she wasn't murdered. She died of natural cause and there is nothing Buffy could do to fix it. Not only her death affect Buffy but everyone around her too. Especially Anya who is so confused because she recently became human again after over a thousand years as a demon.
-On Angel I think Wesley's death, without a doubt, is the saddest next to Fred's.

I don't mind season six and seven but season five would be a perfect ending. What do you think of season seven finale with all girls who destiny to be a slayer becomes slayer right away? Have you seen an episode on Angel where a female is a psycho with super strength breaks out of mental hospital and she turns out to be one of the slayers. Later she is being picked up by Andrew to take her to Buffy. I wish to know what Buffy is planning to do with her and how she handle her violent behaviors.