Angel of the Light


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In the dark room that I barely see
Now I see little light in room barely shining in room
I feel like I am stuck in dark room
Knowing that I wont get away
Many people say I am light in room
And they see me as their hope
Now I have given them hope to survive…
Once I turn my back on them
They have lost their faith in the light
Room have darken
They have lost their sight in light
Once I came back
Light start to barely shine
To give them the hope
Once more…
Only thing I want is Love
I knew few would treat me as like piece to have
I feel like I was push away
All I wanted is love
When I truly fall in love
Now I am entirely afraid to get hurt
To get my heart broken once more
My light has shine in dark room
Now I took one step a time
I will with my true love forever
Seem like I am not afraid
My light will shine every corner of room
Now many see me as Angel of the Light
That I have given them hope to survive
I have broken the chain
Room has light up
Now I have see
That I am Angel of the Light
Now I have given hope for others to survive.
So come to me…
Angel of the Light will give you hope to survive.