And like sand through an hour glass... these are the days of our lives... lol


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I'm only laughing because right now this is getting down right ridiculous. MynameISno is FAKE as well, you may remember her as Mintee or Kate something or another. I usually care about everyone here but guess what KATE I dont give a rats ass about you and your posts. Good riddance! A lot of you suspected MynameISno as being fake and you are right. After going through many ip addresses I found a match and emailed her but I dont even care what her explanation is.


and if anyone else is fake here reading this YOU will be found out, stop messing with my friends because Im starting to take it personally. You rarely see me pissed off on this website but Im pissed about this. DONT POST ANY MORE IF YOU ARE FAKE BECAUSE WE WILL FIND YOU OUT!


Audist are not welcome
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Great work CBE!!!

To those really are wasting valuable time lying. I dont know how that can be fun. Maybe for a short time but for months and months? Sounds exhausting to me.


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3 fake posters so far (to my knowledge). Now I wonder why would one go thru all that trouble to pretend to be what they aren't. What is wrong with just using a screen name and be yourself?
I used to post on the eBay boards, and there would be the periodic fakers, but this is ridiculous! lol
I'm glad to see the mods are monitoring the site so closely. :D