Am relocating to the Philippines, any differences in Deaf culture there in the PH?

Feb 12, 2022
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Ok, let me explain clearly. I am going to relocate to the Philippines and more specifically in the Iloilo provinces to resides where my fiancé is from. We marry in December 2022. I am Deaf and I am curious the differences in Deaf culture there as I am aware of in the United States of America. I am aware of their sign language differences and some are similar to ASL. However, my questions are what they do more often? I do understand their poverty since it is not the same as in the US where we have SSI/SSDI and other welfare additions. They do not have such welfare but they do have discounts for PWD (Persons with Disabilities) for many things. A PWD discount card. That is great. We do not have that in the US.

Are the Deaf very active? I am familiar with the Deaf program in Iloilo and a Christian vocational training center for the Deaf. Anything I should know? Thank you.