aloha javapride guess what?


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I cud not resist.. :giggle: thanks for being there for me and I wanted to make this thread to honor u cuz it's your b-day.. even tho your b-day doesn't come til tomorrow but enjoy your b-day and have fun being 34 ;)


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Happy Birthday to you, Javapride !! Enjoy your wonderful and special birthday while it lasts ! Don't let anyone spoil it. :giggle:

:birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:


happy Birthday To You!!!

Happy Birthday To You!!!

Happy Birthday To You, Dear Javapride!!

Happy Birthday To You!!!


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Happy Birthday JavaPride !!



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Thanks to all the well wishers here for my birthday, i apperticate your kindness, and ur generoisty...

And most of all

thankks wildz for your thread starter. you are a good friend, and i'll treasure the friendship too :)

to my wonderful HIBlue01

Thanks for being a part of my life, IRLY always and forever!

HUgs to each and everyone of you friends and foe, lifes short but respect is long :)