Almost lost my daughter!!! :):)


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It's happened yesterday. I want to tell a scare story :Ohno:

In the Morning, I was on a phone vp to my daughter's school and explained that I need her ride a yellow school bus with Day care's two boys to day care every monday, Wedensday and friday. However.. :cool:

At Late afternoon, I was driven to her school and saw their few kids then left with parents and teacher turn walked into the school! I was so puzzling and why my daughter isn't there? :confused:

So I was driving my truck around the elementary school's back a parking lots and knock entrance door near the secretarie's office. Teacher opened the door and said she left on the yellow bus.
I was assuming jeez and obviously misunderstood and probably to Day care's place. :ugh3:

So I was driven to day care and knock the door. A Day care lady said hi, and I said where is my daughter. Her face expressed kinda shock and say No,
She isn't here. Then I said Shit! :eek3: and immediate to hop in my truck and return to school. I am knocking the door again. A teacher came out, and I said Where is my daughter! :eek2: So teacher and I went to the secretarie office and find the proof paper. There is information about drop off my daughter to day care every monday, wednesday and thursday. :eek:

A teacher looks at me and guilty! So She called School Bus driver's cell phone and apparently said she is drop off my daughter at my home! But Nobody at home. :squint: So I was so immediate into the Powerful Hemi truck and press the gas so hard and spins tires and drove too fast on straight hills road and could feel that My Hemi truck was flying then slow down! :eek: Arrived home and found her safe and sound! :hug:

So Today this afternoon I could see their black tire marks on the parking lot from my Hemi truck. :giggle::whistle:


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ouch .. that they messed up on date when to let her go on bus to daycare but good thing she is safe and home with you! :)


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Glad that your daughter is safe whew !!!!

If I have a kids of my own no matter what son or daughter lost then I would freak it out !!! :Ohno:


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Oh that's scary!!! I would literally throw up there if that happened to me. Glad that she is ok!


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oh WOW! I can related to that when I was young. I misunderstood my mom. I thought she told me to ride the school bus with my friend to her home. She signed wrong that I should wait for her to pick me up after school. I went on the bus with my friend to her home. My mom freaked out and called school, bus and my friends' parents. My friend who I stay with... Her mother was puzzled why I came along without her knowledge first... She called my mom and informed her that I am here. My mom were very relieved and got me. I explained to her what happened... She apolopized for signed wrong so we are fine. It was long time ago. I would freak out if I have children too.


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I am so glad that everything turned out all right! I know that had to scare you half to death. It made my heart beat faster jsut reading your story and thinking about not knowing where your child is. Whew!


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dang!! I am glad she is safe!! School should be careful with it. They should read the papers when the kids are supposed go on the bus or not, etc..


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Oh that's scary!!! I would literally throw up there if that happened to me. Glad that she is ok!

I never forget one horrible day. My husband and my son and I went to 6th flag. We were standing by a building. a building was about many ball inside and kids throw and play with balls. Our friends were with us. Their daugther was suppose with my son. but I saw her walked alone. I asked her where was my son. She said she had no idea. I went to building and searched for my son. I felt like throw up. I was having panic attack. My husband was scared and searched for my son but too many people around. I cannot image about los my son. I was so sick and felt like to throw up. My husband picked his cell phone and answered. He said it was my son. We found out that 6th flag employee found my son and brought him to office. We rushed to the office. I felt so bad that I screamed at my friend's daugther but she understand that she suppose be with my son. Scary.

I hugged my son so long time and told him please do not that again. I cried.

I will never stand and wait for my son if he is in building at 6th flag.


oh man.. that's scary. I'm glad you found her. Just be careful racing home in your hemi so you don't get into an accident.


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I have advice, stick a GPS tracker on your kids. Could be jewelry, a pin, anything that they wouldn't really lose. If they ever get kidnapped or abducted you'll be glad as hell you did. They do it with pets, cept they well.... the back of the neck. Yeah.


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This happened to me when I was very young. The secretary at the school confused my name with a girl whose name was very similar and sent her to after-care and me home on the bus. Since it was a day that I didn't usually ride the bus I thought maybe my mom was sick. I took the bus home and no one was there! I remember being really REALLY scared. I went to a couple of neighbor's homes but no one was home. I remembered my mom telling me "if you ever come home and I'm not here go to so-and-so's house" so I went there and was there for 2 hours. My mother finally showed up at the door with a family friend, the priest from the school and the secretary screaming "Where is my daughter?? Have you seen my daughter?!!?" They had been going door-to-door. I said "But mom, you told me always come here if you are not home and this happens" She had forgotten she said that and that neighbor's house was the last place they looked!