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If I remember correctly Mark had moved to his new apartment just weeks before he died so they may just not have been installed yet. Although I know that's no excuse.


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This was Mark's post a few days before he died:

"Making plans to go somewhere a little later on today, and afterwards stop by the fire station on Clark to inquire about a fire alarm for my needs."

I remeber Mark talking about trying to get a visual smoke alarm for his new apartment. :cry: I also remember Mark telling me about my condo fire extinguishers being on the floor was illegal and he was right. So I think of Mark every time I see the fire extinguisher in my hallway. :(


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some of you may remember sextoon he died back in 2004 in a car accident he drove his car into dead end.. he was here on old server before alex updated to new server.. please add his name to honor him thanks :)


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Hi Alex,

Please could you edit Calvin's post to add Bottesini to list since we don't have capable to edit after hours pass.

Thank you very much.

I remember mah lei I am not sure if she died before the changeover and we had to re-register or I got the username spelling wrong

Her avatar was a dog moving back and forth