AllDeaf Hawaii Cruise 2009 [CANCELLED]


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So did I, but now I don't know what's going to happen. Maybe I'll book at the last minute, who knows.

I wish all the AD members who are going on Hawaii Cruise will specify which agency they're going with.

PDT is doing Mexico in August (2009), DeafCruise is doing Hawaii in July (2009)..

I hope this helps :) ..


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Yeah, Sounds fun to me.. My friends asked me and my husband to go. We said maybe because We will get a BRAND new house this summer of 2008. YAYAYAY!

So, see what s happens next in 2009. Cross our fingers! ! :fingersx:




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wow didnt U all noticed the room price ?
its pretty expensive and what about the other stuff?
looks fun and cheerful

Hey wolfie

Of course we are aware of the price of the room and have 18 months to pay for it and it a once in a lifetime opportunity. How often does one get a chance to go on a cruise meeting other deafies from around the world.

Maybe that might give u some idea of coming to join us wolfie!! :)


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Sasha... ohh ya gonna wanna guard your bum in case Wolfie comes aboard.. never know if he gonna do the dog sniffing mode.. lol... kidding....


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HaHa Very funny NS. I seriously doubt that Wolfie will be sniffing around in a doggie mode as there would be too much excitement going on around him to keep him busy and far way from me.


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I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but I don't think I can go since I have to pay off my car plus pay rent when I move out, hopefully in a few years I will get to go!!!