AllDeaf Caucus 2008 - POLL!!!

Campground or Hotel?

  • Camping? YUCK! I prefer a nice, clean bed in a nice hotel...

    Votes: 20 40.0%
  • Camping? YES, I wanna get my feet all sandy!

    Votes: 9 18.0%
  • Either way is fine, I'll go along with either one. I'm that laid-back and mellow.

    Votes: 21 42.0%

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  • Poll closed .


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Okay - Ive read and read...and some of you are very insistent on some things...

So, my dear readers, it's POLL TIME!!!

It is still slated for the same weekend - July 16 through 20, 2008.

Remember that.

There will be two choices now - and may the best win.

Bear is looking into four more hotels for me, and I have checked with East Harbor State Park near Sandusky, OH.

They do have two deluxe cabins, that will hold 5 people apiece at $55.00 a night and two rent-a-rvs that go for $450 per week (Sunday through Sunday) and holds 6 people. I would suggest that those two choices go to those out of state people who have no way to bring tents.

Campsites are $20.00 for non-electric, and $25.00 for electric back-in or $29.00 for electric pull-through, for those who have campers and tents.

They do have group camp sites that will hold up to 120 people - with tents and campers, but those two sites are being revamped so they don't know how much they will charge.

Now, East Harbor State Park is located next to Lake Erie, and has a sandy beach. There are alot of water activities, hiking, whatever...

Don't worry, Cedar Point is still scheduled for Friday, July 18, 2007. Never fear.

Now the poll is this:

Do you want a hotel, or do you want camping?

Remember, either way, you are still responsible for your own foods - we may have two big bbqs during the camping, but that would not be planned til after the count is in.


After voting, please post and state your reason for voting.
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I will go for Camping on the beach!! WATCH OUT for crabs! lol

Hotel is fine with me either.


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Hmmm, I guess I missed how, when, where the next Caucus would be. Last time this happened, mods shut me down when I made my own suggestion.


Prayers for my dad.
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I saw the link of the cabin that bear show some of us, I don't like it because they have bunk beds only, so I prefer to choose hotel, with a queen size bed for two people. ;)


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I voted " I'll go along with either one " camping or hotel, as long the price is affordable for those who will attend the AD Caucus in Ohio on July 16-20 2008.....


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Camping...! :-D
But not sure if will be able to go due to having baby -- busy and all, lol. Will see when time gets a bit closer. :)


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Sandusky, Ohio on July 16th -20th, 2008...
Thank you, Angel but that's not what I meant. What I meant was how the site/city was decided/voted on. I don't remember seeing that. I got shot down the year prior to the most recent AD Caucus. So I'm just wondering how Sandusky was chosen.


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Thank you, Angel but that's not what I meant. What I meant was how the site/city was decided/voted on. I don't remember seeing that. I got shot down the year prior to the most recent AD Caucus. So I'm just wondering how Sandusky was chosen.

DreamDeaf already announced at the AD Caucus in St.Louis Mn last year that the next AD Caucus will be located in Cleveland, Ohio in the year of 2008, but some of members wanted to go to Cedar Point, so Dreamdeaf set up a poll and Sandusky has been chosen because Cedar Point is in Sandusky not Cleveland....( If you can find that thread where DreamDeaf post photos from St.Louis , she made that announcement in there )

There was never a poll on choosing which state will be next, DreamDeaf already made that decision as the next one will be in Ohio in 2008..Hope this answered your question :) ....


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*woot* camping.. i'll use cabins.. perfect!!!!!

enjoy and laid back.... (chuckles)



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I chose Ohio the last time because the majority of last year's attendants came from Ohio.

Thats why I asked in an earlier thread, and will be making a poll thread next year, to give me locations for 2010. The poll thread will be posted at least a month and half before the 2009 event takes place, and a vote will take place among those who does show up in Ohio.

Hopefully, there will be a person willing to be chairperson then... I'm willing to be an advisor, but I do really need a break :).

Sheesh... almost lost this post on my sidekick 3!!!! Better post it now!


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surprised me that cabins there have bunkbeds? here cabins in arkansas have regular beds.. nice beds etc.. weird.. i dont undy... ha..

If i go not sure yet as its too early right now due to TJ.. but i prefer to have hotel or motel due to a/c as its gonna be hot? I cant stand hot weather.. :(