Alert systems that work in power outages?


Hello! I've been looking on the Internet for a visual (lights flicker on and off) and tactile (bed shaker and vibrating pager) alert system.

I'm a bit lost what brand or package I should get. I live in an apartment so my abilities to tinker with the unit's electrical system are nil. Which means plug-in or battery operated alert systems.

I'm especially interested in a system that will work when the power goes out.

I'm in Canada but can purchase worldwide if need be.

Does anyone have recommendations what I should consider for alerting me to doorbell, telephone (yes we still have landline, lol), smoke detector, building fire alarm?


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Hey Wassup? Preciate you sharing this. I wanna help you find this alert system. Im gonna start looking, lets connect.
My alerting system is my Amazfit Bip smartwatch.

Save money by going with industry standard stuff.

Just set up your house with ordinary automation (the Apple HomeKit stuff, the Google Home stuff, the Amazon Alex stuff). I'd suggest something that also has Zigbee compatibility. Those IKEA WiFi light bulbs cost something like barely above $10 each and they even have RGB bulbs (like Hue) for only $20 each. Set all of this up into into your home automation Hub. Choose one that has wide compatibility like Apple HomeKit or Google Home. There are plug-in modular units and screw-in units so they work with apartments.

Now buy a cheap smartwatch such as Amazfit Bip ($70). All your notifications will be transmitted to your smartwatch via standard Bluetooth between your phone and watch. And you can setup events at a website such as

Tricks includes
-- Smartwatch will vibrate on notifications
-- Your smart lights will flash everytime an "event" happen. A smart doorbell (battery powered stick-on-wall) or a smart smoke alarm. Etc.
-- Use your phone to change the color of your lights
-- Set up an alarm to play a light show for you

Except for special purposes, one usually don't need assistive kit anymore (unless it's upgraded to be integrated to modern automation systems), just get a standard home automation kit, they now do what you need, and you can expand it slowly (e.g. add a new WiFI light bulb one by one, or even an automatic-open drape so you can let the sun in to wake you up).

It used to be expensive but with add-on WiFi lightbulbs now as cheap as $10 at IKEA, it's the "better future proof way"

Get smart-home stuff instead!
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The solution is to get UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply ) and yes it cost anywhere between $50 to $150 depending on how long the battery supply. Normally you can get very low 450VA power for $50 and can last about 2 to 4 hours. Since you are using only clock (with vibrator) and lights draw very low power. Unlike using computer and monitors. So you can place several UPS'es in certain rooms. That way power ever go out, the UPS will take over. Here's the link:


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That's a great idea! I might do same for my alarm. The battery in it keeps time but won't shake bed. That'll solve the problem just in case the power is out during the time I need to wake up.