ADA Rights

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I've been really having trouble finding an attorney as I can't get help in Nevada for Title III. There is also a title I involved which was my boss.
Long story short. Walmart discriminated by not accommodating to a person with lip reading or writing things down. I was told they DO NOT ACCOMMODATE
people of disabilities unless you work for Walmart. Well a person who started this mess still works there which lead to my losing my access to my job
inside Smart Style. Escorted out by the police on a false charge which I got thrown out. and I just now found out the treaspassing charge that was
supposedly against me has been a lie.

There doesn't seem to be ANY attorney that takes Title III cases on contingency in Nevada. I tried to contact the DOJ. only for them to not bother with the case.
The deaf advocacy law there also refused to take the case, they have no funds. In the meantime the person who started this mess still works there. I lost the job
and I had to pay another attorney to defend myself against a false police report of the employee who works at Walmart. Two other employees the manager and another supervisor who was involved no longer works there. There are more, but I don't want to disclose everything on this chat. I hope I get some help on here.


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Galludet University is the cornerstone of all things Deaf in America. HE as a person came to America to teach Deaf Signs against the then existing State Secrets and other Laws prohibiting such. Then at some point he founded schools for the deaf and a University of all things. They can be found in NE Washington DC downtown inside the city limits.

One warning. The area is extreme threat levels at dark or night. There is no point in being off campus in the area if you do not live there or more importantly not have he right skin color. OR wear clothing suggesting wealth etc.

Regarding Walmart, Trespassing is the easiest. They are a private business and can ask anyone to leave at any time from any property. IF you DO NOT leave boom, you are now a trespasser and the Law is called in to cite and remove you from the property. In addition you may also be banned from that particular store or all Walmarts nationwide subject to arrest should you be identified as being on that list inside one.

Regarding the so and so you apparently know about but still have a job... you need to just document it for a lawyer (Probono or SOuthern Legal Fund or some similar advocacy Lawyer (Galludet would certainly understand the title three and all thats involved in it.)

Keep in mind, Employers... particularly in trucking CAN BE MORE STRICTER than minimum medial requirements for hearing aids to do the work. They can hire people with proven perfect hearing if they choose to. Completely legal.

Now Accomodating a disabled worker? Well.. thats where a lawyer comes in. When you filled out a application for work to a employer you had a standard question asking what do they need to do to accomodate your disability if specific. They can then choose or not choose to deal with you (Hire etc) If you are too expensive (Interperter 20 dollars a hour in addition to your 11 or whatever minimum wage) they wont have you work there by choice and there is no way to force a private emploeyr to hire you.

Suppose they did. well, they hae ways to have you in a situtation at work where things are not good for you. For example crappy phone to talk to boss while 10 to 20 people crowd you in the breakroom doing cross talk and spitting food and drink all over your stuff. Whoops sorry. Keep that up long enough you quit. End of problem.

See where I am going with this?

ADA Rights

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Ok, I am not sure you understand what title III is. Title III pertains to discrimination against a consumer. Title I pertains to employment discrimination. I was an ADA advocate and an employer has to accomodate a person of disability if the situation does not cause undue hardship to the company. Now getting back to what I need. I am trying to find an Attorney that handles Title III. My problem and I will say it again.
I was not hired by Walmart. I never mentioned I was hired by WALMART!!. I work inside Smart Style that leases from Walmart and Walmart long story short took away my access to get to my job when I was there before I started work as I was a consumer shopping. Walmart did not provide
accommodation to a consumer and they broke the law. When I ask for ADA under the law, they refused. they said they DO NOT ACCOMODATE people of disabilities Unless you work for walmart. WRONG!!!. Now still trying to find an Attorney that handles ADA Title III, consumer discrimination in Nevada. A person that worked at Walmart that started this mess did something and then they threw in Trespassing. Two of the people no longer works there, just the person who started this mess. My boss at the time inside Smart Style was fired due to the interferience of a manager who no longer works there overstepped his authorities and went to my bosses boss which in turn got him fired. This is not a simple case of saying your treaspassing and you get removed. Please do not make assumptions. There is a title III and title I really at work here. So if anyone has a contact that I can talk to an attorney that handles this on a contingency, please let me know. I also want to make clear that Walmart if they remove for just treaspassing, they have to give you a reason why, have you sign something etc. which to date. I have nothing on file. I was lied to regarding this. You cannot without good reason to give someone a treaspass and falsely arrest them. they can be sued.
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