absent superman


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Apr 15, 2003
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six months (eternity in itself)
and all you leave me
is two packs of cigarettes
and the faint smell of your colonge on my pillow
you've seen the worst and the last of me, you said
your wrecked monte carlo leaving tire tracks in my front yard
so quick to leave
you're supposed to be my superman
sleeping with the ghost of you and me
i'm wearing my superman panties
the feeling of you inside me, baby
is one of a kind
i don't think i'm ready to lose that
i don't think i'm ready to lose you
so now i'm all alone
here in my room (where we've made love, a thousand times over)
smoking your mom's tucson 100's
filled with memories
of you and me
hey, superman
can't you tell?
brandy made it all fall apart
but you'll always be a part of me
when you threaten to leave
baby, i feel oh so empty
hollow like a gun stripped of its bullets
am i your everything?
because you sure as hell are mine
and there's no denying it (no matter how hard you try)
you, my love (my love, my love, my love)
my threefold utopian dream
my love, my superman, my everything