A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

Jane B.

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Finally had a talk with the oldest (19) yesterday about some recent poor decisions she's made and offered her some advice on moving forward. Made her feel a bit sad, but could tell she appreciated the talk and knowing I still love her. Glad I waited, because I was really angry with her at the time.

Old Analog

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Not really, 5 months of trying to get parts for my E-bike out of China have given up, now looking to Taiwan, India and else where:pissed:too bad no one in America wants to build one:(


In Hazzard County
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All is well here, it's like a peak season at work with insanity residential volumes from online order. We've been delivering to residential than business since the pandemic.


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I pronounce the coffee-making machine as "K-Cup Machine" just less of a hassle in trying to get "Keurig" right.

I am not sure if I should switch to a ground coffee machine. It seems like there'd be more of a variety than K-Cups.

Jane B.

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You may not need to change machines. I think I have seen ads for reusable cups that you fill yourself with whatever coffee you want.