a song of silence


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a song of silence-

bring your hands to my ears, if you will...
and to you, my secrets, i shall reveal
my secret is this:
i dance with the wind;
with a whisper of passion-
of things that once was, is, and will be
my eyes ultimately behold

my dreams, my visions, and my desires

you say you can hear the birds sing.
you say you can hear the waves breaking upon the shore.
you say you can

i hear the hearbeat of the universe
i hear the everlasting melody of love

broken ears, you tell me...
shattered, that is how you perceive my world to be.
franatically you try to fix it.
as i smile, i listen to your empty words.

and you say i can't hear anything.



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It's Beautiful!!!

It's very passionate and warming to my heart too...cos at times I want my hearing friends to understand this side of the fence as I am no longer on their side...