A rather sensitive question.


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Hello AllDeaf!
Needless to say it's very nice to meet you all.

I am a hearing person, who's been studying and immersing myself in ASL as well as Deaf culture for the past month or so. A few friends of mine have even let me interpret for some. And although I can handle basic conversations, I have a mountain of learning to climb.

Just a simple question for now, forgive me if they cause any negative implications to ask, I'm still learning, and I don't mean to offend:
What are some offensive terms/actions that you commonly find being expressed towards deaf people?

I have made many connections using my basic understanding of ASL to such an amazing community of people. The reason I ask this question is because I wish to maintain these relationships, and I don't want to accidentally hurt or offend my new friends over something I said or did. I still cannot much grasp the customs of your culture, and I'm sure as hell not going to pretend I can, not with only a month's experience. So who better to ask than the people that have to deal with it on a daily basis! Haha.

All input is appreciated. Thanks!


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Being a hard of hearing person, I’m always angry about people talking to me, and when I don’t hear them, they just say ‘never mind’, and when people turn their face while speaking, which cuts off a lot of general knowledge of what they’re saying.