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So, I just was hoping anyone would have answers but I'm 15 and my hair is falling out and I know naturally your hair will shed and it's common but this is a lot, like today when I was taking a shower I just ran my hands through my hair and just several several strands came out. I thought nothing of it but it continually kept pulling hair out. So I grabbed a comb and just softly combed through my hair while in the shower since there were very few tangles if any, doing so it just was a lot of hair, at least half or a full handful.

I'm just worried, could it be stress? I don't know and I'm slightly concerned, if anyone could give me possible answers I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


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I had that happen a few times when I was in high school. I have very thick hair so I wasn't too worried. I realized that if I wear my hair up for a few days, or don't brush it often for a few days, or I scrub my head for dandruff, and then take a shower all that hair just comes out.

If you have thick hair, you're fine. If you have recently changed your shampoo, brush, the way you do your hair, or dyed it recently, it could be a factor but should be temporarily.
If you are really worried about it, check your hairline every so often to any sign of changes. Just try not to freak out over every little detail. And try to figure out if you really are stressed out. If you are, what are some things you can do for a breather or relaxer?

Whatever you do, don't brush your hair for long periods of time, try not to brush frequently, always start brushing from the bottom of your ends working your way to the scalp, brush your hair before you step in the shower, and try not to shower daily. :D


Stress can definitely cause hair loss. I've read some of your posts and I would bet its stress :( But I have read that it grows back, so that's good!


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Stress can definitely cause hair loss. I've read some of your posts and I would bet its stress :( But I have read that it grows back, so that's good!

I have been stressed lately, for various reasons but I didn't expect so much hair to fall out due to it. Hopefully That's all it is though is stress.


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Late to this.. but yes stress can do that. I ended up with a tiny bald spot years ago when I was studying programming (COBOL...) and the final project drove me nuts (one tiny bug) but it grew back eventually. If you do see bald spots- go talk to your doc too just to be on the safe side.

I have no idea if my own recent stress is affecting my hair lol- it's hard to tell with very very fine/no hair on top :P (they call it 'miniaturized hair-- testosterone can do that in most men).

Try not to worry too much though- likely the hair is in the phase of shedding more than usual and you happened to notice.


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I faced the problem of hair loss due to my stressful job. I couldn't rest enough, sleep and eat well, and worried all the time. Finally, I started experiencing health problems. Fortunately, a doctor prescribed me Finasteride (I found it on the Enhance Club website). It has helped me a lot. Also, I take Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Iron, and Biotin on daily basis. But I agree that it is better to address a doctor before using any medication or supplement as it is important to find out the reason for the problem.