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yes, they did provide me a watch and tty for college, and gas for my car but that was just about all.
Yep. Those were accommodations for education. Education is directly related to future employment. You would also be eligible for further accommodation that is needed at the worksite, including VR going to your job site to make recommendations to the person in charge regarding necessary accommodations, and going into court on your behalf if those accommodations are not provided by the employer.


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That was about 9 or 10 years ago, I don't know how much have changed, but I still have the watch and my TTY to this day. Very useful.


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That was about 9 or 10 years ago, I don't know how much have changed, but I still have the watch and my TTY to this day. Very useful.
Good for you! VR would be pleased that you are still finding the items useful.

Should you need accommodations at your worksite, don't hesitate to seek their assistance again.

About the only thing that has changed significantly is the reduction in funding that VR gets to provide services and accommodations.


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On VR providing CI's I know they give them out in Texas. In fact they were trying to talk me into getting one. I think you have to be past a 95db loss. I know they pay for hearing aids too because I have seen POs for them. :shrug: Texas pays for everything though. Free college too. Takes about a week to get approved and it's available to anyone with profound hearing loss,


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OK, to reiterate myself ........................
I am finished with trucking!

My hearing problems are, more than less - The final nail in the coffin!

Comprende? lol

From my understanding of VR in Michigan, they are extremely short of funding. They will be more than glad to help pay for HA's, but most likely not CI's. Although, that is on a case by case thing. And in my case ........ they won't pay for a CI, since I'm not deef enough, nor is it contingent/imperative for employment/education wise.

I get a laugh out of people who think VR is some sort of - "insurance program" thru the State - like Medicaid. au contrare! lol

For employment/education assistance ........... they will help w/ some $ for some gas, clothing, stuff like that - but won't pay for $30k MSU tuition (or even $5k St Clair County Community College, either!), lol

I personally, have no desire to have a CI, at this time. Why? besides insurance, no job, et al? Well, basically - just don't have a desire for one.

From what I have read - they can be just as - "interesting", to getting used to having - just like a regular HA.

Plus, if CI's were such the cat's meow ........ how come there are only (about) 25000 Ci wearers, compared to a 500,000 (+/-) deaf population (US only)? Yeah, I know about the big factors; cost, insurance, and all the other etc's ........ but that's only like what? at most 1/2 the population?

I gotta chuckle outta Jillio & pfh; a couple of times, y'all was saying the same thing - just worded different! And to admonish pfh ....... people who manipulate the system for their benefit, and yes - I've heard about all the arguments - just don't rate that high in my book. I find it rather hard to - "Trust", someone who manipulates the system for their own gain. But, sometimes that too - is on a case by case basis.

Jiro - you big manly, man .......... "Sure" you just watch it for the - :naughty: Admit it ....... it's your feminine side showing! lol

UFC is a violent sport ......... As a matter of fact - from what I've been told, it's just a few hairs above legal to be even on satellite tv! :eek3:

Well, I gotta run .......... so will come back l8r!



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What? deaf you think cant do independent find job? not need VRS For help find job. VRS provide resource, that help us know what do do, not VRS their job help us no.

Me start work Burger King, work hard clean up do do do do notice many hearing lazy talk bum poor job.

I apply jobs Kodak and more different big company

Kodak happen call Burger King ask what me do do good or bad?

My boss reply yes good job wow hard work independent himself know dodo

then later I pah hired, work from that time since good job now I work as Technology Coordinator

I now work do do network support, programming, etc etc

deaf stop us? NO! many deaf people cant find job why? They think deaf CANT, they NOT apply jobs, no aggressive. If not right place should move different place look more jobs apply

if interview must prove what they can do suggest opinion they think should do what if they work, show what suggest do do, they might think "you can do that see that right do do suggestion right yes he know do right" then hire

Dose of reality -- that depend depend really DEPEND. deaf MUST aggressive face if not then no, that right "Dose of reality" happen right right

BUT must aggressive then "Dose of reality" BALONEY!


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Chucky, what about something like diesel mechanic, or auto body? Training for that is often available at vo-tech schools, and I don't think they are as hearing-dependent as the DOT job was.