74' Harley Sportster charging system


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Looking at it strictly from a electrical side, I would consider carefully any possibility to eliminate the Generator from the Vehicle.

Most alternatiors today also have a regulator for voltage as well so thats another item that can go with the Generator removal.

The voltage is like a 800 pound gorilla, its going to go where it aint. (If Battery is hungry for volts it gets charged.) In several of my older cars I have taken the trouble to remove the generator/voltage regulator out of the system in the car. It is my understanding the Alternator takes care of all that now.

The other side of the electical challenges in voltage is your ground wires to frame. Or even to the post on the battery. Sometimes my 18 wheeler will generate to much voltage like 15.8 volts and try to burn up the computers and no place to sink it. Turns out 9 times of ten the batteries lost the ground cabling somwhere in the box and frame. Other times the alternator burns up and your voltage is whatever you got from battery and dropping slowly. In older iron all you needed was the fuel pump and had less than 4 hours to get to shop. In the newer computer trucks you quit at 10 volts and need at tow particularly the automatic transmission ones.

I apologize for not addressing motorcycles specifically. I just dont know enough about them to consider what might be possible. Which is one of the reasons i stuck strictly to the electrical side of a given vehicle that used a Generator and Regulator together. (What a frankenstien in those days... some were even 6 volt systems believe ir or not)