73 year old man recently profoundy deaf


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Hello all,
I don't really know how to start an this introduction. Until recently, I have been a world traveler but various health problems have brought that to a sudden halt. I enjoy cooking/baking , reading and collecting good films. Speaking of films, I have been having a hard time collecting films that have subtitles. Amazon.com refuses to include that info in their product description which means that quite a few films must be returned. Frustrating, to say the least.. I also enjoy playing chess against the computer.


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Welcome, Ramses. I enjoy traveling, but I have to focus on my son for now. Regulations on Amazon suck. You have so much to learn about the terms like subtitles.

Here's my quote from other thread.
Look for the terms like English SDH on DVDs, BluRay and Digital HD.

Keep in mind, there is a difference between SDH and Subtitle. For instance, if a dog barks, SDH will show [dog barking in the background]. Subtitle doesn't show it. Subtitle is for hearing people who don't understand the foreign language but they can hear noise background like dog barking. CC is similar to SDH. They look like white texts on black background.
Good luck shopping for films you like.