62yo loss my hearing at 59 and feel worthless


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62 year old that lost my hearing at age 59 and felt totally completely worthless


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Hey Bryan!, don't even think that way, nobody should feel worthless, everyone has something to give to life, think of the positive things you could do & don't say there aren't any.

When I first started losing my hearing I really felt down & was upset, thinking my life is gonna go downhill, but I picked myself up by getting a good hearing aid & being more positive & thought, sod the world if I'm deaf, then I'm deaf & I don't care who knows it.

Remember, life still can be good even to us deafies, so pull your socks up & get on with life.


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You have a lot of life left in you and to give; Deaf Talent is everywhere and you can add to that tapestry. :) What did you do before you lost your hearing? Welcome to Alldeaf; I hope you find support and community here :)


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Bryan, I'm 28 going through the same shit my dude. You literally made me laugh. Are you a vet? I get what you feel and I made some post similar. I think people.who are deaf might get offended or annoyed by hearing us noobies complain the same nonsense. You'll be straight. I'm hoping it takes time to adjust. I got a mother bleeping fighter jet running in my ear 24/7 saying what???? What you say?? Yeah then they just look at me funny and I keep walking lol

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Bryan62- I imagine it's a great shock to lose a major sense. My friend lost her hearing in 2 days from cancer treatments, at 42 yrs of age. By the time I met her at 52, she had knocked cancer out and could honestly say to me that she would never want to be hearing again. Get online or look up your local Deaf and Hard of Hearing Depts near you and find out how to begin learning Sign Language then get busy. You have time on your side and can enter your golden years with a new language that will give you new friends, new activities, and a new outlook on life. Too many seniors who have lost their hearing fall into despair or self-pity and close themselves off not knowing they can learn a new way to communicate with friends and family again. When I asked my friend one day if she missed the sounds of birds, or waterfalls or people's voices, she knocked me over when she said that she'd forgotten what all of that sounded like...so no, she didn't miss it at all. I wish you the best!