signing practice

  1. M

    ASL Signing Buddy

    Hello, I'm Maddie. I lost my hearing a bit over one year ago, I already know NSL (Norwegian Sign Language) But I want to learn more, especially since I love travelling. I'm a College student and would love to get a signing buddy, I use Discord and Zoom. Feel free to dm or post a thread if you're...
  2. E

    College student hoping to make some Deaf & HoH friends :)

    Hi!! My name's Emma and I'm hearing. I've been learning ASL for a couple years now but would love to learn more about the culture and practice with some Deaf & HoH folks. I'm a university student so would ideally love to meet some people around the same age! :) I love reading, writing, watching...
  3. MickAnthony

    ASL help

    I'm a LDA and I'm learning ASL. I do online classes and also have a tutor who is an interpreter. I belong to a practice group, but I am the only member who has any degree of hearing loss. I need to practice with someone fluent, who can help keep me from signing like a hearie. I am a beginner...
  4. jammyjazz

    Deaf Signing Buddy?

    HI! My name is Jasmin And I am currently taking ASL 2 at my local communitycollege. I really love ASL it is so cool to me, and all the deaf people I know are super awesome. However they can't sign with me very often. So if anyone here would like to chat (sign) over Skype , I would appreciate the...