1. A

    Hard of hearing Girlfriend

    Hello everyone, starting this thread i just wanted to say that I AM NOT DEAF/HARD OF HEARING, but my current girlfriend is, i want to make our relationship as normal as it can be between two people, but also get as much info on certain topic as possible and there is not better place than here I...
  2. H

    ASL Fluent Hearing Student Looking for Art

    Hello! My name is Haley and I am a hearing senior at Arizona State University. I am a Human Communication Major and I have been working with the deaf community for the past 3 years and I am doing my capstone research project on relationships within the deaf community. Now, I did read the thread...
  3. Y

    A little advice?

    Hey, so I was not to sure whether to put this in the relationship thread or lgbt thread but, here I am. As most of you know by now I'm transgender ftm. Well the guy I'm with is very kind but if I come out to him that'll be it of our relationship. He says I can't be trans because of his...
  4. I

    Hearing deaf sexuality

    Hi im 18 im learnig sing language my boyfriend is deaf and im hearing i want to ask about sex and comunication(like setting boundaries, making sure we understand each other needs and wants eyc) because im not that fluent in SL so i cant discuss it with him in a proper way i dont have the...
  5. Hex

    Being deaf and lgbtqia

    Has anyone here experienced difficulty finding a partner because of deafness and LGBTQIA identity I feel very alone in this
  6. B

    Curious. willing to date hearing or just stick with deaf?

    Let's share this discussion and see what everyone says. I will start off answering the question. It does not matter to me as long as she has two main parts that are most important (I have many "requirements") but those two are focused: the heart and how she handle with someone like me. I...
  7. Vanessa Escalante

    Deaf/hoh and hearing relationships

    What are your opinions on relationships where one of the partners isn't Deaf or knows sign language and the other is? I've always been conflicted with this. Never felt like my relationshils worked out because we couldn't have that connection with asl which is super important to me (not that I...
  8. Jetti

    Non-signing Hearing Partners?

    Hello, everyone! One of my Deaf friends recently married a hearing man who she had been dating for 5 years. He does not sign. I believe he knows a few basic signs, but he normally talks and she lipreads and listens with her CI. When I found out about this, I was shocked. I am hearing and my...