1. E

    College student hoping to make some Deaf & HoH friends :)

    Hi!! My name's Emma and I'm hearing. I've been learning ASL for a couple years now but would love to learn more about the culture and practice with some Deaf & HoH folks. I'm a university student so would ideally love to meet some people around the same age! :) I love reading, writing, watching...
  2. prisca


    So I'm constantly practicing fingerspelling and as each day goes by, it gets easier and there's a flow to my fingers forming the next letter. The problem I'm having right bow though is seeing others sign to me. I'm constantly being told to just watch each shape of the letters and to read the...
  3. mmills89

    Hi, my name is melanie! (19f)

    Hi, I'm Melanie. I am a 19 year old hearing girl who is learning ASL in college. I am very new, but very excited to keep learning. I'd love some practice pals, hearing or Deaf, and appreciate any help. Feel free to contact me to practice. (Glide: mmills89 ; Skype: message me)
  4. K


    Hi! My name is Kendall! I have loved ASL for quite sometime and want to really learn it. I would love to have an ASL practice friend! Please let me know if anyone is up to it. If you are interested, I have a glide account.
  5. O

    Hoh girl looking for friends who know asl

    Hey! I know I could just go to a deaf dinner or other asl event, but I kind of just want a friend to practice asl with (Ive taking four semesters in college) also it's hard to meet other deaf or hard of hearing friends my age(early 20's) So hmu if you want to be asl buddies! ^^^^ reminder to...
  6. Keiti

    Sign language interpreting student looking for some practice

    Hello! :) My name is Keiti and I'm a 21-year-old student from Estonia. I'm currently studying to become an Estonian Sign Language interpreter, I still have one more year before graduation. I would really like to learn ASL aswell, so I'm hoping that maybe someone is interested in helping me...
  7. rachel-sw

    Student practicing bsl

    Hi! I'm a student in the UK learning BSL and Deaf studies and wanting to learn more about the Deaf community!
  8. Meech

    Looking for glide practice buddies!

    Hi all! My name's Meech. I'm super new to ASL. Am self-learning from Bill Vicars's youtube videos. I love languages, connecting, speaking with others. That's my main drive in learning. I am also in school for occupational therapy. If anyone would like to practice with me, my Glide handle is...
  9. MiyaMia

    Miya's looking for consistent friends to practice asl :))

    I'm studying to be a SL interpreter. SL "swept me off my feet" when I was 11 years old. It intrigued me how graceful and vulnerable this form of communication was. I totally fell in love! My Godfather started to teach me when I was 16. He has a deaf brother and is completely fluent. He's an...
  10. ThespiAnn

    New hands free videochat device

    Has anyone seen this before? It's a new invention called "Skyfloat". You stick it on the ceiling and it "floats" in front of you; looks perfect for Skype or Glide! No more one-hand signing :)
  11. Navisayshey

    New! Hearing And Looking To Learn :)

    I'm a hearing person that has just recently started learning ASL and am looking to make new friends and to help improve my signing