1. R

    Has anyone had experience with bernafon?

    I am in the market for new aids (profoundly deaf since birth) and the Costco audiologist raved about Bernafon, telling me the newest one will have the same chip as the top-of-the-line Oticon. Is he telling me the truth? The cost? OMG: $2600/pair. Wow. New molds are $30. Too good to be true...
  2. Ericka

    First hearing aid

    Today i picked up my first evver hearing aid. Its an Oticon Nera2 pro. It is alot to get used to. I didn't think that i would have too i thought mild hearing loss means no big deal terms in listening for the most part. I was wrong. I didn't think it was that small(i lose stuff and my kiddo goes...