new friends

  1. Nickinitus

    I feel like this is some AA meeting

    Hello, my name is Nick (28). I've always had a slight hearing problem but last 3 years after University it got worse. I got tininitus, it's my fault for not protecting my ears. I'm very outgoing but it made me close myself off and I don't want to talk about it to my friends or family because I...
  2. M

    Wanting to make friends.

    Hi everybody, my name is Marc and I'm a hearing person who would like to make some deaf friends. I was actually born deaf and have always felt a kinship with the deaf community because of it. If you guys have any advice on how to improve my sign (I'm currently self teaching myself) or if you...
  3. Carlos Ruiz

    Hello everyone! Not new here. Been a while but my first introduction.

    Hello everybody! Haven't introduced myself but been here for a while. I'm Carlos, from Mexico been living in FL for 6 years. I'm constantly evolving myself at a salvage speed every single day. All I know it's that I work hard to be in my ideal life. A lone wolf, avid reader, deaf, very...
  4. Ambuhhlurr

    I'm hoh living in a world of hearing that i don't quite belong in...

    You guys can call me Ambz. I am hard of hearing born in a hearing world. I've been bullied and misunderstood for it. I've had people treat me like I'm less of a person because of my hearing issues. I've had a lot of friends and some relationship with people where they decided it was too hard to...
  5. Kaitlyn Moore

    Looking for deaf friends

    I started learn ASL in the fall and now I want to start meeting deaf people and actually see what I can do I want to make friends in new places and just get better
  6. Kaitlyn Moore

    Friends to video chat with and sign

    I want to get better at signing and being able to understand what the person is signing I'm in ASL 2 in high school and plan to either pursue into deaf education or interpretation but I would like someone deaf or hearing to chat with preferably someone who knows more ASL than me
  7. C

    Hearing student needing feedback on a augmented reality project

    Hi, my name is Cody Jackson and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I go to school at the Academy of Art University in SF and am working on a concept augmented reality project focused on helping the deaf community interact more easily with people, like myself, who don't know sign...
  8. melenope

    Hey! a newbie here

    Hi everyone,I am very new to this forum i just signed 2minutes ago and i couldnt wait to share something. I have hearing loss on my both hears but we don't know the reason,okay i have this loss for nearly 5 years,you guys are kind of familiar to this so i dont feel 'embarrased' share kind of...
  9. Katie Cross

    Hiya! i'm new! i'd really love to meet some friends!

    I am currently an ASL hearing student, and I am very passionate about deaf culture and sign! I hope to make friends who are willing to help me dive deeper in my studies and expand my Knowledge! I have a glide and I also speak french! Thanks!!!:party:
  10. Day

    Deaf friends?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this site, was looking for ways to make deaf friends and this website popped up. I'm a college student with a major in deaf studies and am aspiring to become an interpreter. I would love to make deaf friends to learn more about the community more about the language and...
  11. PattyP

    Help Asl1

    I'm in ASL1 but before this I was taking ASL in my church. I get how to say words but not how to say sentences. I'm really struggling was wondering if I might meet a friend who would be willing to Skype with me to talk and improve my signs.
  12. mdeitsch5

    New To This Community

    Hello. My name is McKenzie. Technically yes I am "hearing". I use quotes because I'm pretty much hard of hearing in my left hear only. Which initially means I can hear just fine unless you speak softly while standing on my left side. I have been learning sign language purely because I want to...
  13. B

    Hey Everyone

    Hi my name is Brooke. Im 19 years old and live in canada. Im just started learning asl and im looking for someone who can help me.
  14. Rachel Sage

    Hearing Girl Planning On Going To College For Interpretation.

    Hey guys! I'm new here and wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself. I'm a small-town girl from upstate New York who is working towards becoming an ASL/PSE interpreter. In my town we have a handful of deaf and hard of hearing people that communicate through sign language and I've...
  15. Krystina Ehrlich

    Moving From Az To Nyc Want To Make New Friends To Make Transfer Easier.

    Hi I'm Kryssie, I am a second semester asl student, I fell in love with asl when my daughter was born 10 weeks early and was told she would progress faster if I taught her asl as her first language. I decided last year I wanted to put my love of sign to use and become an interpreter. This...