1. Littlest_luna

    Pre-school teacher to deaf, mute and hard of hearing

    hello my name is Luna. My goal is to be a Pre-school teacher to children who are deaf, mute and hard of hearing. I have been studying ASL for over 1.5 years now. and have worked with children who are differently abled since the age of 11. My speech impediments, learning disabilities and mental...
  2. Buddythebirdy

    Teen Selective Mute Looking For Friends

    Hi! I'm abigail, a mute as said above. I'm learning asl and dutch, slowly. Its hard to find friends that arent mute or deaf that i get along with, too many questions. I'm really nice and outgoing with a passion for learning. I have knowledge of the deaf community, im 15 and from minnesota usa. I...
  3. V

    Support Our Research

    Hi, We are a group of students from Cardiff Metropolitan University who are working on a project which is connected with Deaf Mute people. We would appreciate if you could help us in our research and answer few questions here -> Google Questionnaire This is totally anonymous & confidential...
  4. Soulvei


    How do I create a sig? I looked all over the dashboard several times but I must have missed something. All I can seem to do is create a "status update" but I want to be able to update my status while still having a signature that explains that, while I can hear, I am mute. I'm hoping to run into...
  5. Soulvei

    Mute and learning ASL

    Hi! I've been all over the internet looking for a place where I can connect with other adults who cannot speak. Since there isn't much of a community for mute adults I thought I'd try a deaf forum since we seem to run into similar situations and difficulties. Is anyone else here mute? I was in...