1. F

    Deaf Individual's interaction with music.

    Do deaf individuals "listen to" or experience music? If so, how? Would a visual element like the depiction of sound/music waves elevate the experience for you?
  2. F

    Final Year Project Research

    My final year project for university includes creating a device relating to elevating musical experience for disable individuals. I had a few questions for deaf individuals which would help me in my research, please let me know if any of you are willing to answer some of them. Thank you!
  3. Nijal

    What's Up Doug?

    So, I recently got a Roku, and out of all I could watch, I decided to watch episodes of Doug on Youtube. Got to say, that's a real 90's show. Anyone caught up on old shows?
  4. Elphabaenvy

    Captioned Theatre

    Hello! My name is Hope and I am a deaf theatre artist. I am currently involved in the production of a new musical that will be opening in March of 2020 and I am working on making it accessible to all of our audience members. I am currently trying to figure out how to make captions available...
  5. R

    Enjoying music: Survey for the Deaf Community

    If you could answer any of the questions you want that would be amazing. Thank you!! The stereotype is that deaf people don’t/can’t enjoy music, do you agree or disagree and why? Do you personally enjoy music or do you have any deaf friends/family that does? There was a symphony where...
  6. M

    Mandy harvey

    If anyone is interested in seeing Mandy Harvey, google her for her tour schedule. Her first stop is Glendora, CA (outside of Los Angeles). I work here where she will be singing - we will have an ASL interpreter for her performance. I'm hearing, but I became a pretty big fan of her since I...
  7. Shea!

    Nice to meet you guys!

    Hello everyone! I was recently introduced to ASL through a friend during the summer of 2017. During that time I practiced (almost religiously, without consistency/persistence a language cannot be learned). Most of the time was spent doing individual research and practicing fingerspelling/word...
  8. H

    Conference for adult musicians with hearing loss - july 13-16, 2017

    Ever been told that you could not play in a high school band or orchestra, or sing in a choir because of your hearing loss? Ever wanted to be among other musicians who could not ignore their deep yearning to play music in spite of having significant hearing loss? Well, we have a conference...
  9. E

    Ab implant and music

    Hi there, I'm currently moderately to severely Deaf. I'm both signing and oral. HAs work very well for me at the moment, however my hearing is going to decline (Ménière's Disease), and as I'm a professional musician I'm looking into what my options will be then. At the moment I have absolutely...
  10. Y

    Call for users for user research

    Hi, All We are a student team from the School of Information at University of Michigan, studying human-computer interaction. We are designing a tool for people with hearing impairment to sense and create music. Our current idea is centered around music visualization and vibrations. Currently...
  11. michelle privette

    Slowly Losing Hearing...

    Hi everyone my name is Michelle! I am 18 and double majoring in music performance and education. My goal is to become a professor. However, I am slowly loosing my hearing so I don't know what to do. I can hear fine one on one while the person is looking at me, but it comes extremely hard to hear...
  12. M

    Call For Survey Responses

    Hi everyone! My name is Molly, and I’m a hearing person who's currently in the middle of a class project regarding d/Deaf experiences with music. It’s extremely important to me that I receive input from people who are actually d/Deaf, rather than just academic articles written by hearing people...