1. A

    Looking for a girl to be married or into a serious relationship

    Hey there, I'm New here and I'm hearing impaired who can talk as well. Seriously I'm looking for a girl who is interested in getting into a serious relationship. if any interested, You can comment below. Thank You
  2. M

    Hi ladies.

    Hi, I am seeking for a Deaf Christian lady between age 21 and 39 because I like to marry and have children. So, I look forward to your replies. I am aware it is not a dating site but there isn't really much choice out there for Deaf people. Dating sites are paid service that I do not trust. I...
  3. Jetti

    Hearing-deaf wedding

    Hi everyone! I'm hearing and my fiance is Deaf. We are planning to have our wedding June 1, 2018 on the beach. My future husband will be the only Deaf person there. As of right now, we have an interpreter friend who has agreed to officiate. For the reception, we will plan to hire a different...
  4. Jetti

    Deaf Marry Deaf Most Often?

    I remember reading “Journey into the Deaf-World” and there’s a statistic that says 9 out of 10 deaf people marry deaf. This book came out in 1996. Do you think that statistic has changed today? What's your experience, yourself and those you know?