1. S

    Transformation during COVID

    Share your life experience during the lockdown. Have you started a new hobby? How these days have transformed your daily life?
  2. N

    New here

    Hi everyone I'm new here I'm looking for connection and support I'm been losing my hearing rapidly and I'm scared to be honest and I'm hoping to build community here iv felt really disconnected!
  3. Ambuhhlurr

    I feel like this video may be relatable for some and educational for others so i'll leave it here.

    I usually don't like the "don't say this to *insert*" kinda videos but I feel like this one is pretty spot on and addresses a lot of things and questions people say/ask to those with hearing loss and deafness. I find it relatable and thought some others would. I also thought this might also be...
  4. S

    Battery Life - Real World Results?

    I was looking at a battery life ranges for hearing aids and was surprised to see what the average lifespans were that are listed on various site. I know there are a lot of variables such as how often they're used, battery size, accessories, etc... I think I go through batteries pretty fast...