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  1. L

    Help with GLOSSING

    Newbie and learning. Can anyone help me GLOSS this sentence? TIA My new backpack cost $24.95.
  2. Y

    Hi! ASL learner, would love to interact with people

    Hi, I am a student at university This summer I started learning ASL on my own by watching videos on youtube, but I would really really love to be able to interact with people, learning alone is not the best... I just love learning and really would love to be able to express myself, understand...
  3. B

    Need help with gloss

    Hello! I’m new to ASL and I have to gloss the song “If I Were a Boy” by Beyoncé and I’m really struggling, if someone could help me that would be amazing. Also, I need at least one classifier. Here are the lyrics: If I were a boy Even just for a day I’d roll outta bed in the morning And throw...
  4. E

    Please read

    Hi, im a feshman in high school and I would love for one more more people to maybe video chat me sometime with the club to help us all sign or tell us what it's like being deaf. It would mean a lot And it would help us all learn to have someone to ask questions to. If you can help plz respond...
  5. deannamonet

    I want to learn asl and make new friends!

    I know there is a thread for this, but I wasn't having any luck there. It is extremely important for me to learn ASL! you don't have to live near me, I have Skype and FaceTime. I don't want just an ASL teacher, but someone I can be friends with. I would PREFER someone around my age (I'm 18). I...