hearing loss

  1. S

    Hearing loss looking for friends

    Hey there, my name is Sarah, I´m from México. This quarantine I realized that It have been a while since the last time I had deaf friends or since I met a hearing loss person, and I realized that is why life have always being quite lonely at the times to experience situations that only people...
  2. melenope

    Any young peps to get to know?

    hi guys,I made a thread about myself before. I just want to know people my age or similar to my age.(18-22) I am 19.I need support so much,I will try new devices for my ears and my ears got really worse I am very upset about it :( I need someone to understand and help me out and maybe help me...
  3. H

    Confused mummy, frustrated hoh toddler. advice needed please

    My daughter is on 3 monthly hearing tests. At her first one they said her ears were clear but she has mild loss scoring 20db in most of it but in the top end of high frequencies and low frequencies she got to 30 and 40 and the said this is why she is struggling in noisy places like nursery ect...
  4. Alesander Carson


    Last week, I finally went to an Audiologist and took multiple hearing tests and finally got a diagnosis. I have been diagnosed with 'Congenital Hearing Loss'. The doctor told me that I was born with it, but I had completely known what it was. Being a pre-Med student, I have prior knowledge in...
  5. H

    Conference for adult musicians with hearing loss - july 13-16, 2017

    Ever been told that you could not play in a high school band or orchestra, or sing in a choir because of your hearing loss? Ever wanted to be among other musicians who could not ignore their deep yearning to play music in spite of having significant hearing loss? Well, we have a conference...
  6. Sahara4Ever

    Allergies worsen deafness?

    I don't know anyone who is deaf so I am so glad I joined this forum upon my bf's recommendations. I've been experiencing a pretty bad allergy season. I went to the audiologist and she said I have high freq hearing loss in my good ear. I am 100% deaf in my left ear. Can this be caused by...