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  1. S

    Artificial Intelligence in Hearing Aids

    In the current scenario, Artificial Intelligence is many things. It expands from simple AI solutions to complex machine learning AI that can predict future outcomes based on what humans have taught it. The term or even more precisely the concept was tosed in the 1950s. Right now it can be...
  2. A

    Bluetooth issues with iphone (can't pair both devices at same time)

    I wear both a cochlear implant on the Left and and a Resound HA on the Right. I woke this morning to find that my Resound hearing aid was no longer connecting to my iphone. I was previously using BT connectivity to both my cochlear on the Left and Resound HA on the right without any issues. I...
  3. doggovert

    What’s your opinion on corrective surgery?

    Hello all! My name is Ala, and I’m new to the forum. I’m HOH from advanced otosclerosis and deaf without my hearing aids. Background to my question: I’m nearing 21 years of age, which is the expected age for a stapes fixation corrective surgery I’ve been planning on since I was very young. The...
  4. amdd97

    Financial Aid for Hearing Aids?

    Hey so I'm Annemarie and I'm been hard of hearing in my left ear since I was born. I stopped wearing my hearing aid in middle school for various reasons, but now I am in college and I am having a hard time hearing teachers, students, etc. I was wondering if any of ya'll know if there are some...
  5. N

    Hearing aid forum i came from to here :(

    I'm so upset. I was a member of the other Hearing Aid forum for so long and they just changed their Forum from a Community driven forum to a profit driven website. At first I didn't think anything about it because the old website kept trying to link me to some scammy website by the same name...
  6. ArestaL

    Hearing aid app

    I'm glad to present new generation of health & lifestyle apps – Petralex® hearing aid app for iOS & Android powered devices. It`s the first hearing aid app, created by specialists in speech&sound processing basing on hearing biology studies. Petralex® is self-tuning , configuring automatically...
  7. H

    Conference for adult musicians with hearing loss - july 13-16, 2017

    Ever been told that you could not play in a high school band or orchestra, or sing in a choir because of your hearing loss? Ever wanted to be among other musicians who could not ignore their deep yearning to play music in spite of having significant hearing loss? Well, we have a conference...
  8. adamlogan

    Made for iphone ha work with apple watch?

    Does anyone have a hearing aid that works with the apple watch? I have a 38 mm series 2 in aluminum. I'm on the market for new hearing aids, and was just wondering if anyone had hearing aids, or knew or a hearing aid that could do that. Syncing well with the iPhone itself is more important of...
  9. A

    Need help filling out a survey for hearing loss and deafness.

    Hello! We are a group of high school engineering students who are currently trying to develop a hearing aid device that will turn oral speech into real time closed captioning. In order to start creating the device though, we need to gather data. Below is the link to a short online survey we...
  10. Thg

    Any Irish Folks?

    I live in Dublin, Ireland. I'm 24, deaf since I was 3 from contracting starlet fever. I've high frequency lost. I wear two hearing aids. I can hear without them but wearing two makes life much easier and less stressful. Although I do love to come home, take them out and ignore the hussel and...
  11. adamlogan

    Good Audiologists In Santa Barbara?

    Hey everyone, I'm in Santa Barbara for the next month or so, I need hearing aids and fast, can anyone recommend audiologist in Santa Barbara or within an hour from here? Especially audiologists that are familiar with the Resound line of hearing aids.
  12. S

    What’s That Electrical/mechanical Humming Sound I Sometimes Hear With Digital Ha?

    I am trying for the third time the tedious process of trying to switch to digital HA after having had worn analogue for 35 years (my whole life basically). Suffice to say it hasn’t been smooth sailing! This third time, the audiologist has programmed a BTE Siemens Orion P (basic level as I’m...