1. marmette

    Should i be learning asl/pse

    hello, I'm new here, but I'm not really sure if I should be here. Well I am starting to learn signs and all. But I don't actually live in the states, I have though, and I don't know anyone who can sign ASL. I feel like I might not be respectful to the language of ASL and the culture behind it...
  2. MarieK1983

    Hi, My Name Is Marie, I Am Deaf And Am Looking For New Friends

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Marie i am 33 years old, deaf, single, looking for new friends. tried to look for deaf chatrooms, support, etc. But have not found any that are deaf friendly. I'm deaf and have been teased all my life because of it.
  3. A

    I'm Amanda, Looking To Make Some Friends!

    I was deaf when I was younger, and even though I'm lucky enough to be hearing now, I was interested in meeting new people who were deaf or hard of hearing.
  4. A

    Hearing And Looking To Make Friends. Learning Asl

    Hi! My names Amanda. I'm learning asl and I'm very interested in the community and culture. I'd love to make friends that are hoh/deaf/hearing! I'd love to hear back from anyone that's interested in talking
  5. ChelseaBorgogni

    Hello! I'm Chelsea And I'm Hearning. I Hope To Make Some New Friends.

    Hey. I'm Chelsea. I am hearing but I know ASL due to the fact that my mother is deaf. I live in a community where there is not many deaf people and although I am hearing I prefer to sign so I would love to chat with, or befriend others that are like me or deaf as well.
  6. R

    Want Deaf Friends

    Hello! I just joined here. I am Hearing, 18 years old, and I am looking to find some Deaf or Hard of Hearing friends. I have taken two years of ASL in school and I am going to take a third year when school starts again. I'm not completely fluent but I really want to practice signing with someone...
  7. Navisayshey

    New! Hearing And Looking To Learn :)

    I'm a hearing person that has just recently started learning ASL and am looking to make new friends and to help improve my signing
  8. languageautodidact

    Help With Asl

    I'm in ASL I, so sadly my signing is poor and choppy, but I'm very passionate about it. I'm 17 and hearing and in class we're signing songs. I really wanted a challenge so I obviously chose a challenging song and I wanted some help learning how to sign it. But I'd like to have someone I can talk...
  9. languageautodidact

    Hearing Language Learner(:

    Hi, I'm Brittany. I teach myself languages, but I'm also taking ASL in school. I love learning about the Deaf culture and learning how to sign. I am looking for Deaf or HOH friends and people who might be able to help me learn and grow in ASL and help improve my knowledge of Deaf culture.
  10. Amelia-grace

    Hearing Girl Looking For Cool New Friends

    I really want to make some cool new friends! Preferably 16-20 years old. I'm just starting to learn ASL and I'm a quick learner but hopefully you could be patient with me lol. :)
  11. C

    Looking For Friends!

    Hello! My name is Courtney and I am hearing! I currently am learning ASL and am hoping to interpret one day! While I am doing okay in my courses, I know that I should be doing GREAT and I feel like I am not because I don't engulf myself in the community. I have a deep passion for what I am...
  12. Hex

    New Looking For Friends

    New here looking to make friends
  13. zeldacat

    Hearing girl looking for deaf friends

    Recently my 4 year old daughter and I have become increasingly interested in ASL and deaf culture. I'm not sure what it is, but I find deaf strangely beautiful and am super ready to dive in to learning ASL. I have never met anyone who is deaf before so I thought I would reach out via the...
  14. L

    Hearing girl, want to make deaf friends

    hello, this is my first time posting, I'm a hearing girl from Illinois. I have studied ASL and deaf cultures for quite a few years. I've met several deaf people around where I live, for a little while, I was friends with one guy. I came here searching for deaf friends and it seems "hearing girl...