1. M

    Hello There!

    Hello! My name is Amaya, but everyone calls me Maya. I am HOH but consider myself Deaf! I am also an 18-year-old female from Florida! I have been HOH since I was younger, around 7 or 8, but Deaf (involved with the Deaf Community) since I was 14. Although I am Oral, I am fluent in ASL and...
  2. LadyZephyr

    Deafie/hearie Slang Origin?

    This question popped up for me today while I was browsing the forums so I thought I'd ask for some insight... When or how did the words 'deafie' and 'hearie' pop up? Are these more recent slang from within say, the past ten years, or have they been around for a long time? Also, I've been called...