1. M

    NC Raleigh Area Friendship!

    Hey! I’m a guy who is 20 and lives in Garner and I have a couple friends who are deaf. I would like to make more friends my age who are deaf and just want a buddy! I love signing and would love to make more friends!
  2. E

    College student hoping to make some Deaf & HoH friends :)

    Hi!! My name's Emma and I'm hearing. I've been learning ASL for a couple years now but would love to learn more about the culture and practice with some Deaf & HoH folks. I'm a university student so would ideally love to meet some people around the same age! :) I love reading, writing, watching...
  3. S

    Looking for friends within the Deaf Community :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Violet, I am 18 years old, and I am hearing. I am currently learning ASL basics through my community college online. I am looking Deaf people to teach me some more signs and also become friends! If you are interested in getting to know each other and helping me...
  4. S

    New to ASL

    Hello everyone! My name is Violet, I am hearing, and I just recently finished my ASL 1 class at my local community college. Also, Today I start my ASL 2 class online with the same college. I would love to meet new people who are Deaf or HOH or just enjoy ASL who are open to becoming friends :)...
  5. CarolinaJOY

    Myrtle Beach SWF seeking SWM 52+ older

    I am wondering if there are any locals on here.