1. F

    gaming technology for deaf people

    Hi, I am working on a software that allows deaf people to have a visual representation of the sounds in a game. We are doing some research on if this service is wanted by the target audience, so it would be great if you would take about 2 minutes to fill out this form...
  2. S

    Las vegas? Is there Deaf community?

    Is there Deaf community in las vegas? I want to know there is. I would like to visting social event sometime.
  3. F

    Sign Names

    I know from my research that only deaf people can give people sign names, which I 100% agree with, but I have a unique situation. I'm not deaf, but I have epilepsy and part of the time when I'm coming out of a seizure I cant hear at all. I rely on fingerspelling and feel to communicate in those...
  4. A

    communication between deaf people

    Hello everyone, My name is Azamjon, I am a master student at KIC(Kobe institute of computing) institute in Japan. I don't have hearing problems. I am very impressed with this group and very happy to have the chance to communicate with you. Reading the publications in this group, I discovered a...
  5. A

    Law Enforcement - Contact with Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing individuals

    Hello, I am a law enforcement officer in Michigan, USA. Tonight at work I came across something I hadn’t experienced yet. There was a motor vehicle crash involving two deaf individuals. My partners and I were unable to effectively communicate with them until we got an interpreter. After this...
  6. F

    Deaf Individual's interaction with music.

    Do deaf individuals "listen to" or experience music? If so, how? Would a visual element like the depiction of sound/music waves elevate the experience for you?
  7. F

    Final Year Project Research

    My final year project for university includes creating a device relating to elevating musical experience for disable individuals. I had a few questions for deaf individuals which would help me in my research, please let me know if any of you are willing to answer some of them. Thank you!
  8. S

    Hi, my name is Shrey. I'm not deaf but I am working on creating an app for deaf people. Would love some help.

    I wanted to make an app that could help deaf people enjoy music. From what I have read on the internet, I figured that totally deaf people feel the vibrations on the speakers and enjoy the beat of the song. So the idea behind the app is to convert typical phone vibrations into musical beats. I...
  9. DeafGrrrl

    Just A Brief Intro

    Hi, I'm a Deaf non-binary trans woman. Pronouns are she/they, and I live in Vermont. I'm also joining this platform to connect with others during a very difficult time in this pandemic, and to discuss several issues that's been brought to my attention when the time is right. In the meantime, I...
  10. VisualistGang

    Do you think the Deaf-community is similar to the LGBT+ one?

    I'm wondering if you think the Deaf community and the signing community are similar to the LGBT+ one, and what you think about a letter equivalent similar to LGBT+. The reason I'm asking is because of both the LGBT+ community and Deaf community had to fought hard to be accepted in society. In...
  11. S

    Hearing loss looking for friends

    Hey there, my name is Sarah, I´m from México. This quarantine I realized that It have been a while since the last time I had deaf friends or since I met a hearing loss person, and I realized that is why life have always being quite lonely at the times to experience situations that only people...
  12. J

    Hi everyone, I'm J.P.

    Hi everyone, I'm J.P.! I was born moderately hard of hearing, and have been progressively losing my hearing all my life. I'm 20, living in Halifax, Canada. I have never really been able to find other deaf friends or the Deaf community around me, so I am excited to be reaching out! I don't yet...
  13. D

    Why do we have to be considered a part of special education?

    Hi, I’m a freshman in college and recently went back to my high school to pick up my 504 form so I can get my accommodations at my university. One thing that really set me off was I had to sign this form with the title “Release of Special Education Records.” This set me off because I don’t like...
  14. H

    ASL Fluent Hearing Student Looking for Art

    Hello! My name is Haley and I am a hearing senior at Arizona State University. I am a Human Communication Major and I have been working with the deaf community for the past 3 years and I am doing my capstone research project on relationships within the deaf community. Now, I did read the thread...
  15. N

    Question-Venture Name-Course Project

    Hello! My Name is Noam (female), and I am a college student going into my second year now. I am currently in a joint course with students from a different college, that is all about innovation. As part of this course, we are required, in groups, to come up with an innovative idea to sell locally...
  16. M

    Hello There!

    Hello! My name is Amaya, but everyone calls me Maya. I am HOH but consider myself Deaf! I am also an 18-year-old female from Florida! I have been HOH since I was younger, around 7 or 8, but Deaf (involved with the Deaf Community) since I was 14. Although I am Oral, I am fluent in ASL and...
  17. Carlos Ruiz

    Any deaf entrepreneur?

    Any deaf entrepreneur over here?
  18. itsmezali


    Hey so I’m possibly writing something (I know it’s the worst thing to hear from a hearing person) usually when I get an idea in my head I can see it played out like a movie rather than a book but I thought I’d give this one a try until I realised my mistake: I have no idea how to write from the...
  19. yizuman

    Deaf Devices for Cars?

    Is there any devices for the deaf for vehicles that can give visual warnings (strobe flashing) that headlights is still on and stuff that can be easily forgotten or overlooked (most especially when headlights during daytime can be forgotten and left on overnight that can potentially drain the...
  20. O

    Trying to better understand Deaf culture - and what the Hearing can do to be more inclusive - as a designer

    Hello, I'm an industrial designer and just got hired to make a product with the goal of helping people who are deaf or HOH. Based on my research so far I'm beginning to think designing a "product for the deaf" is the wrong way of looking at it and maybe creating a "product for the Hearing, to...