deaf meet

  1. Jetti

    Tampa, FL area?

    Hi! I live in NJ, but my brother and his family live in Land O' Lakes, FL. My Deaf husband and I will be visiting the family January 1st-6th. Any Deaf/ASL meets in the Land O' Lakes, Tampa, or surrounding area within that time? My husband and I plan to move there in a few years! Thanks!
  2. Ambuhhlurr

    First deaf community meet. what should i expect?

    Tonight I'm going to my first deaf community meet. I'm super nervous. I'm HoH but my family is hearing so I never really have been around many hard of hearing or Deaf individuals other than my teachers at school. It's at a book store which is my comfort zone so hopefully I won't freak out too...
  3. Jetti

    South nj deaf meets?

    Hi everyone! I live in South Jersey, about 20 minutes from Philadelphia, PA. The only deaf meet in my area that I know about is the Deptford mall food court every Monday. Does anyone on here know of any others?
  4. Alisha58

    San gabriel valley california

    Hi! Any d/Deaf/HOH people in the San Gabriel Valley area want to gather and meet up? I'm visiting family, and want someone to chat with. I'm a beginner ASL signer, just so you know. :) Let me know!
  5. Jetti

    Deaf events in tampa, fl?

    Hi, everyone! I was hoping to find out if there are any Deaf events in Tampa, Florida or the surrounding area in January. My Deaf fiancé and I are visiting family there and would love to meet Deaf people and ask about their experience living in Florida. We are from New Jersey, but plan to move...