deaf community

  1. witchiewormie

    How to transition into being less oral?

    Hello! My name is Juno, and I've been losing my hearing at a progressive rate since I was a young, young teenager. I'm nineteen at this point, and have lived with some kind of hearing loss from around the time I was thirteen. By this point, without my hearing aid I might as well be considered...
  2. M

    Hello There!

    Hello! My name is Amaya, but everyone calls me Maya. I am HOH but consider myself Deaf! I am also an 18-year-old female from Florida! I have been HOH since I was younger, around 7 or 8, but Deaf (involved with the Deaf Community) since I was 14. Although I am Oral, I am fluent in ASL and...
  3. J

    Let’s help each other please

    Hello everyone ! I am a beginner software and web developer. For my project, I want to ask you some questions which may will become my future project theme . I hope you’ll appreciate it! All I want you to do is ask to question. What are the most common problems you’re facing in everyday life? I...
  4. O

    Trying to better understand Deaf culture - and what the Hearing can do to be more inclusive - as a designer

    Hello, I'm an industrial designer and just got hired to make a product with the goal of helping people who are deaf or HOH. Based on my research so far I'm beginning to think designing a "product for the deaf" is the wrong way of looking at it and maybe creating a "product for the Hearing, to...
  5. R

    Enjoying music: Survey for the Deaf Community

    If you could answer any of the questions you want that would be amazing. Thank you!! The stereotype is that deaf people don’t/can’t enjoy music, do you agree or disagree and why? Do you personally enjoy music or do you have any deaf friends/family that does? There was a symphony where...
  6. T

    Hello & a question from new york city

    Hi everyone. Just found and joined this site, and want to introduce myself. I am a woman in my 50s, living n NYC. I can hear, though I do have pretty severe tinnitus in my right ear. The "ringing" started mysteriously out of the blue, is always there, and has been for about 20 years. Last...
  7. Ambuhhlurr

    I feel like this video may be relatable for some and educational for others so i'll leave it here.

    I usually don't like the "don't say this to *insert*" kinda videos but I feel like this one is pretty spot on and addresses a lot of things and questions people say/ask to those with hearing loss and deafness. I find it relatable and thought some others would. I also thought this might also be...
  8. Ambuhhlurr

    First deaf community meet. what should i expect?

    Tonight I'm going to my first deaf community meet. I'm super nervous. I'm HoH but my family is hearing so I never really have been around many hard of hearing or Deaf individuals other than my teachers at school. It's at a book store which is my comfort zone so hopefully I won't freak out too...
  9. rachel-sw

    Student practicing bsl

    Hi! I'm a student in the UK learning BSL and Deaf studies and wanting to learn more about the Deaf community!
  10. Loudsilence20

    Deaf poem

    Focus, just focus, tune in blurs of your smiles of your...
  11. Day

    Las vegas

    I live in fabulous Las Vegas and attended the Deaf Expo this past summer '16. The majority of people I chatted with there were from other states or cities. I also rarely ever get into contact with deaf people. Only a handful of times. Is there a place out here that anyone knows of to be able to...
  12. Day

    Deaf friends?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this site, was looking for ways to make deaf friends and this website popped up. I'm a college student with a major in deaf studies and am aspiring to become an interpreter. I would love to make deaf friends to learn more about the community more about the language and...
  13. MiyaMia

    Hi ya from miyamia :)

    I'm hearing, like many one here ^____^ I'm excited about learning about others who are deaf or HH. My heart is connected to your culture and community! Soon, I'll be an official interpreter and you never know, because I love to travel I may interpret for one of you one day! *Smile, Shrug* Don't...
  14. JoJoKing

    Looking for an asl teacher

    Hi! My name I said JoJo and I am 21 female. Not needed but thought I would include it. I want to learn ASL. I can sign the alphabet and a few phrases but I REALLY want to learn. I work at Target and we have an amazing guy that works there and he's deaf. I want to be able to communicate with him...
  15. thekaelabaela

    Hearing girl, wanting to learn more asl (and make friends in the process)!

    Hello, guys. My name is Kaela. I'm currently learning ASL. I really love the culture and I think the language is beautiful. (I'm at a basic beginner level, unfortunately. However, I am a REALLY fast learner.) However, YouTube can really only do so much help. I'd really love a teacher, to help me...
  16. Bro. Pouliot

    What is deafville?

    Has anyone heard of Deafville project or the American Society for the Deaf? Maybe a man name Don Cabbage? If none of these ring a bell to you, I will share you what is Deafville. A man name Don Cabbage, who is the founder of this Deafville project. Who he and his team have been endeavoring a...
  17. Ken Thomas

    Please Help Us Help Mi Asl Interpreters And Deaf Community

    Good afternoon. My name is Ken Thomas. I am writing you today to ask for advice, help, and support on behalf of the Deaf and Sign Language Community in Michigan. New legislature has affected around 1.2 million in the state. Many Interpreters who have been doing so for decades can no longer do...
  18. mdeitsch5

    New To This Community

    Hello. My name is McKenzie. Technically yes I am "hearing". I use quotes because I'm pretty much hard of hearing in my left hear only. Which initially means I can hear just fine unless you speak softly while standing on my left side. I have been learning sign language purely because I want to...
  19. Mama_Bree

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi there. I'm a hearing twenty eight year old that is finally getting into formal ASL classes. I would love to meet someone willing to sign over skype. (I need someone with patience because I tend to ask a lot of questions so that I fully understand.) Thank you so much in advance!
  20. Bella Cruz

    Need A Deaf Facetime Buddy

    I'm hearing a beginner signer looking for someone hard of hearing or deaf person to FaceTime or chat with