1. VisualistGang

    Do you think the Deaf-community is similar to the LGBT+ one?

    I'm wondering if you think the Deaf community and the signing community are similar to the LGBT+ one, and what you think about a letter equivalent similar to LGBT+. The reason I'm asking is because of both the LGBT+ community and Deaf community had to fought hard to be accepted in society. In...
  2. O

    Help with a class work

    Hi Guys, my name is Oriana E. Montes, I am a hard-of-hearing person, also I am a student at Community College Baltimore County, there I am taking Introduction to Deaf Culture, as part of our final project I need to have an interview with a deaf person. If someone would like to help me with this...
  3. Ambuhhlurr

    First deaf community meet. what should i expect?

    Tonight I'm going to my first deaf community meet. I'm super nervous. I'm HoH but my family is hearing so I never really have been around many hard of hearing or Deaf individuals other than my teachers at school. It's at a book store which is my comfort zone so hopefully I won't freak out too...
  4. AmputeeOT

    My s.o. doesnt want me to get a cochlear implant.

    I’m asking for feedback or advice from **Deafies** for this post. Background: I became Deaf as an adult. I recently went to have my hearing tested again at the audiologist and was told I am a candidate for a cochlear implant (CI). My S.O. Adrian and I have discussed CI’s in the past many...
  5. M

    Looking For Deaf People To Review Book About A Deaf Family

    hi all, must introduce! My name is Pia Moorland and I am a child of deaf parents. My new book,Plaid a memoir, was recently published . Please check it out! I am looking for the opinions from the DEAF community. All my reviews which you can read about on Amazon's website are from the hearing...