1. Skyeriley

    Help learning asl?

    I'm a SFX student (18) with a large interest in ASL and deaf culture. I dont know any deaf people personally but i would love the help in learning, is there anybody around 17-19 that would want to sign with me? i dont know much, mostly just "useful" or "basic" words from the apps i got. total...
  2. wizardharley

    Hearing girl, learning asl

    Hello everyone! I am hearing and just started learning ASL to become an interpreter. I've always be very interested in the Deaf Culture. There isn't any deaf communities near where I live in Texas, so I am looking for some people I can learn from and hopefully become friends Feel free to start...
  3. O

    Looking For Deaf Friends To Help Me Learn Asl

    Hello, I am a 17 year old girl looking for deaf or HoH friends to help me learn asl. I've been interested ever since I was little, and recently, I've been thinking about learning it for a senior project. I think asl is beautiful and I would love to learn it. Please help me
  4. Lauren Hussung

    Skype Asl Buddy Needed

    16, US eastern time, and a hearing female. I'm new to this site and I hope to find some friends to practice ASL with. I have a skype and could possibly remember my oovoo password if it helped. I am still a beginner but I would really like to improve my skills. So message me if you're interested :)