auditory processing disorder

  1. VisualistGang

    I've ASD. Not checked for APD. Are we hearing?

    I'm diagnosed with ASD, but according to my hearing test my hearing is perfectly fine and I wasn't sent to a specialist to check if I've APD. The test never checked speech comprehension. It was only beeps, melodies and animal sounds. Pre-2020 I felt like I was like the majority of people. I...
  2. abrakadangit

    Hoh queer kid in okc

    Hey! I'm a Hard of Hearing kid in Oklahoma City trying to find more people to talk to. I'm the only Deaf person in my family and none of them sign so it can be kind of lonely. I've been learning ASL by myself for the most part and my signing is painfully English so if anyone wants to add me on...