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    Deaf Culture V.S. Hearing Culture

    Hi Everyone! My name is John and I am taking a sign language course. One of my reports is supposed to be about the differences between deaf culture and hearing culture. I am hearing and I don't actually know anyone personally who is deaf. Could anyone give me a few points about how Deaf culture...
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    Hi! would you like to help me with a class work??

    Hi Guys, my name is Oriana E. Montes, I am a hard-of-hearing person, also I am a student at Community College Baltimore County, there I am taking Introduction to Deaf Culture, as part of our final project I need to have an interview with a deaf person. If someone would like to help me with this...
  3. Hi!!!!


    I am hearing but I love deaf culture! I I am learning ASL and love meeting new people and making friends ❤️