asl classes

  1. Nickinitus

    I feel like this is some AA meeting

    Hello, my name is Nick (28). I've always had a slight hearing problem but last 3 years after University it got worse. I got tininitus, it's my fault for not protecting my ears. I'm very outgoing but it made me close myself off and I don't want to talk about it to my friends or family because I...
  2. R

    ASL Buddy

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would like to practice ASL with me. I just started my second semester of ASL 112 and I'm already struggling. If anyone would like to work together it would be great.
  3. H

    Hello! Looking to learn more and hopefully practice ASL

    Hello! My name is Andee I'm 21 years old, I'm hearing, and have been learning ASL for a little while now. I have been exposed to ASL at various points throughout my life, in high school I used the internet to teach myself as best I could because my school didn't have any classes, and in college...
  4. C

    Looking to Chat!

    Hey, everyone! My name is Cheye and I am a Hearing ASLII student in South Carolina looking for people to chat/sign with. Some things about me (in case anyone wants to know): I am a twenty-one-year-old English major with a minor in secondary education. I have a cat, a girlfriend, and a love...
  5. BellaDeanna

    New here looking for asl and deaf friends

    Hello, i am new here and learning asl, and i am looking for asl and deaf friends.
  6. cassiurb

    Looking for online asl iii & iv summer 2017

    Hello! I have taken 2 courses in college, and I was supposed to take my last two this summer, but the school cancelled the summer classes. This is an issue because it was my last two courses that I needed in order to graduate from college in August. I have spent endless hours looking online for...