1. VisualistGang

    I've ASD. Not checked for APD. Are we hearing?

    I'm diagnosed with ASD, but according to my hearing test my hearing is perfectly fine and I wasn't sent to a specialist to check if I've APD. The test never checked speech comprehension. It was only beeps, melodies and animal sounds. Pre-2020 I felt like I was like the majority of people. I...
  2. D

    new person w/ APD

    hello! I'm new here and to the Deaf community in general. APD restricts my ability to communicate verbally to the point where I feel isolated and frustrated in the hearing world. I found the Deaf community by my own curiousity and now I wish I had found it sooner. I wish I had known ages ago...
  3. Destiny's Sister

    What have you done for your apd (auditory processing disorder)?

    I'm trying to learn as much as I can about APD so I can give myself the best chance of fixing it. I'm interested in seeing what others have tried and how it has worked out. Anything goes - nutrition, supplements, brain-boosting technology or games, exercises, therapy, mindfulness, environment...