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  1. S

    Hi, my name is Shrey. I'm not deaf but I am working on creating an app for deaf people. Would love some help.

    I wanted to make an app that could help deaf people enjoy music. From what I have read on the internet, I figured that totally deaf people feel the vibrations on the speakers and enjoy the beat of the song. So the idea behind the app is to convert typical phone vibrations into musical beats. I...
  2. E

    Out of place

    Hello! I am Venus, I am profoundly deaf in one ear and severely hard of hearing in the other. I am a teenager live in California. I do not speak English well, (writing is GOOD enough) and my family is hearing so I am self taught in ASL, and fluent, but not natural yet. I feel out of place among...
  3. Ambuhhlurr

    Hearing aids and amplifiers don't work for me?

    I am HoH. The little I can hear is very distorted so I usually make use of lip reading but lip reading can be hard bc it's more like feeling in the blanks and making an educated guess to what they might be saying. The distoration does not get better even when louder. ENT said they will not help...
  4. Carlos Ruiz

    Surfing a dating site.

    What can I say? I'm a deaf man. I just started to use a dating site for hearing people, see how it goes. I would like to know someone who succeeded to use it and give me some advice with some of you who got experience and know it works. What could you write about yourself knowing you are the...
  5. Hex

    I need advive

    I have a roommate who has trying to get me kicked out of my apartment because I'm not currently working im on social security so I can afford rent and utilities but he calls me a unmotivated deadbeat and everything you can imagine because he's working and I'm not I was working but do to a...