ada compliance

  1. A


    I've been really having trouble finding an attorney as I can't get help in Nevada for Title III. There is also a title I involved which was my boss. Long story short. Walmart discriminated by not accommodating to a person with lip reading or writing things down. I was told they DO NOT...
  2. B

    Learning About Accessibility Laws for the Deaf

    Hello! My name is Brittney and I am in a sign language class that includes a research project. My topic is on the Accessibility Laws for the Deaf. Below are some questions I have for anyone here willing to help! I would love to get different perspectives from people with different backgrounds...
  3. WrenchWench

    Fighting School For Interpreter

    I am a hard of hearing student in my last year of college. Throughout my elementary and high school years I struggled to keep up and relied on reading lips to communicate. Last year I was made aware that there was a disabled student center on campus and that they offered assistance to Deaf...
  4. WrenchWench

    Transitioning To Deaf Community

    Hello all! I am hard of hearing ( completely dead in one ear, and have only 60% hearing in he other. ) Even thought I learned ASL when I was younger, I have relied on lip reading my whole life. I went to main stream hearing school and was not offered interpreter. I am now in college and...
  5. Soulvei

    Therapist Refuses To Allow Me To Use TTS Or Other Speaking Aids

    To be perfectly clear, I am mute and have not been so for very long. Every week I see a family therapist with my boyfriend and an individual therapist for myself. In conjunction with seeing my individual therapist, I go to a group therapy session once a week. Today was my second week back in...