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    workouts/weight loss help?

    I have lost inches (and like you, I wasn't big to begin with either) by doing a ton of cardio exercise. I basically rode my bike all summer, and that made a big difference. I then lost a pound a week for two months through August and September because I started using MyFitnessPal and tracking...
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    Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

    Has anyone else seen it? I saw it tonight at a theatre with D-Box seats that vibrate and move along with the action. Explosions make them shake violently, whenever they're riding in an aircraft you can feel it gliding through the air, it's a weird feeling at first but you quickly get used to it...
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    Show off your Christmas tree!

    Bruce the Spruce!
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    Would you dye your pits??

    I remember reading about people who dyed their nostril hair too.
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    HEY GIRLS, Watch 100 YEARS of beauty in under 1 MINUTE!!

    1910 was the best... I would have laughed if they'd given her a Miley Cyrus buzz for 2010.
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    Command & Conquer... Your Thoughts?

    I found my Tiberian Sun the other day too!
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    Command & Conquer... Your Thoughts?

    Nope. Those were in one of the Red Alert add on discs, right? I only had the main game.
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    Let it snow!

    All our snow is gone. It's just about freezing now, and it's gonna jump back up to a high of 11C for Sunday before returning to normal (freezing) the following day. I wish it would stop toying with us, I want snow.
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    Renting to deaf people

    If you ever come back, I might be able to find out if you're in or near Toronto.
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    Hey! For anyone willing to fill me in on their life..

    Is it true ferrets sleep 20 hours a day?
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    Command & Conquer... Your Thoughts?

    That's awesome! :thumb: My favourite thing to do in Red Alert was play a skirmish with lots of AIs. I'd build an impenetrable defense and let the AI throw their armies against it (the AI was not very good a doing anything but charging blindly). I'd let my ore field regrow too by harvesting in...
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    Command & Conquer... Your Thoughts?

    To stand any chance against other people, you had to make tons of bookmarks, you had to hotkey stuff, you were constantly jumping between multiple battles and toggling abilities and adding stuff to your build queue. C&C worked because you just had those sidebars that showed what was being...
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    How is your weather today??

    It was snowing at lunch time here in Toronto. Yesterday night it was just above freezing, and I had 20 cold minutes waiting for the bus (outside BRCD, funnily enough) and then another 10 minutes waiting for the streetcar in insufficiently warm coat! Tonight a bit of the snow had lingered on the...
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    Apple devices

    The sooner the new MBP models come out, the better. I don't want to buy one now as the GPU in them is the same as a year ago. However, I'm having more and more problems. Games are causing it to overheat and shut down. I'm also suffering this issue...
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    Just train pictures and train stories

    Here is a video I took a few weeks ago while out riding my bike:
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    Happy Veteran's Day

    My grandfather was in the Royal Navy, driving landing craft. My other grandfather was in the Polish Army. As an officer, he had to escape the Russians at Katyn and flee across Europe to the UK. There he met my grandmother, who worked in a Rolls Royce factory making aircraft engines. She also...
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    Chalk boards at Cafe's...

    I will keep my eyes open for some, but for now, here's one I found online:
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    Chúc các bạn ngủ ngon

    Google Translate says "Wish you sleep" (Vietnamese)