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  1. Tdawson

    I’m a deaf person with cochlear implants

    Hi!!! I have a cochlear implant too! It’s nice to meet you.
  2. Tdawson

    Haven’t been on much

  3. Tdawson

    Single deaf/hoh looking for friends maybe more

    I am looking for friends that are deaf/hoh and maybe more. You can message me on here or comment. I have video phone. But am nervous to give out my number.
  4. Tdawson

    Haven’t been on much

    I haven’t been on much. I go silent for long periods of time due to PTSD. I am looking for more friends that are deaf. You can message me or comment here on the thread.
  5. Tdawson

    Hello! Deaf lady here!

    Hi Gloria! My name is Tina! It’s nice to meet you!
  6. Tdawson

    Looking for more deaf and hoh friends

  7. Tdawson

    Hiya, Kimi here (DEAF WOMAN)

    Hi I am Tina, I am also looking for friends. If you are still interested. I have VP as well so if you want we can practice ASL or just talk. Message me if you would like to be friends.
  8. Tdawson

    Looking for more deaf and hoh friends

    Hi everyone sorry it took me a while to reply. I lost my log in. I am flattered you want to be my friend. But I am not looking for dating.
  9. Tdawson

    Looking for friends

    I know I posted here before and got two answers. Not that I am being picky, I just want to make some friends.
  10. Tdawson

    Looking For Friends (Deaf and HoH)

    Hi my name is Tina. I am also looking for friends. It’s nice to meet you.
  11. Tdawson

    Looking for more deaf and hoh friends

    Hi, My name is Tina, and I am looking for more deaf and hard of hearing friends. It’s been a while since I have been out into the community here where I live. I am in Fort Worth, TX and was wondering if there was anyone I could talk to and make a new friend today. Thanks!
  12. Tdawson


    Hey guys, I am getting surgery for an endolymphatic mastoid shunt and Cochlear implant in my right ear and was needing advice. Any advice is good.
  13. Tdawson

    Looking for community and friends

    I live in Texas already. I am just moving to Joshua, TX. I know about TSD, I just didn’t know about them knowing if there is anything close to me.
  14. Tdawson

    Looking for Deaf to talk. I need more conversation practice

    My TASC-ASL is in November and I don’t have a lot of deaf to talk to to practice. I would be willing to practice ASL with anyone, just message me here and We can set up a zoom! Thanks!
  15. Tdawson

    Looking for community and friends

    Hey guys, long time no talk. I am moving to Joshua, TX and looking for community. Is there anyway I can get help? Also, I am taking my TASC ASL and becoming an ASL teacher! I am excited! I need someone to converse in sign with so that I can practice some more. I am Deaf, but don’t have a lot of...
  16. Tdawson

    Looking for friends and maybe more

    Are there any dating sites for Deaf? I am looking to make friends and maybe more. Thanks for the help!
  17. Tdawson

    Making new friends

    Hi, I would like to make new Deaf and HOH friends. I live in Texas in a little city that doesn’t have much of a Deaf community that I know of.
  18. Tdawson

    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    I got mine due to my mobility. Never saw if my Deaf friends have them. I am Deaf too.
  19. Tdawson

    How Do You Wake Up For Work?

    I use the sonic boom alarm clock. I simply cannot hear my phone.
  20. Tdawson


    Thanks for the welcomes! Sorry it took me so long to answer been busy.