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  1. Grizz

    Driving across USA in 29 hours!!!

    I'm a lazy bastard, I'd only ride across the country if I could: 1. Haul a tent trailer behind my bike. I like my comforts, I gave up all that hard core bivvy crap when I retired from the Army. 2. Could take my sweet time about it. Hell, I might want to lay around in bed a while, smell the...
  2. Grizz

    tattoo convention not for kids?

    Tattoos? Did I hear someone say tattoos? ;)
  3. Grizz

    why so many deaf single men?

    I'm sure you're making a point, I'm just not sure what it is given the thread topic.
  4. Grizz

    Gallaudet Graduate Student - Cochlear Implant Controversy Presentation

    Boy, I am glad you chimed in when you did, the whole controversy thing made NO sense to me at all. To my mind, a medical device that is actually functioning as it is said to, you say it only works for a third of those that use it with 80% of deaf kids being implanted with them. The things I...
  5. Grizz

    why so many deaf single men?

    How odd, So. Cal has good amount of deaf single women of various ages. I run into the occasional deaf event, and these women are approachable. Get to fishin' boys, those chicks aren't going to talk to themselves on your behalf, flip the alpha male switch to the ON position, find your "lucky...
  6. Grizz

    Gallaudet Graduate Student - Cochlear Implant Controversy Presentation

    Why does there need to be a controversy about it? In addition to wearing HA's, I also wear an insulin pump for type 1 diabetes. Mind you, I am late onset HoH, I am also late inset type 1 (MODY). I use two medical devices to compensate for two anatomical deficiencies, 1 being my hearing, the...
  7. Grizz

    Which one u use for fingerspelling?

    I use my right hand for fingerspelling.
  8. Grizz

    Boo! I dare you to watch this clip!

    :laugh2: That was freakin' awesome! I want to go see that!
  9. Grizz

    for those celebrating halloween you hould try this...

    Now we're talkin'! :naughty:
  10. Grizz

    Woman handing out fat letters to 'moderately obese' trick-or-treaters': Mean trick or

    I predict a loud knock at 3:00am and a stinky squishy flaming bag of poo on her porch. In the middle of cleaning in between her toes, a strong reminder to not piss off the chubby kids on Halloween.
  11. Grizz

    why so many deaf single men?

    Oh, I know, I read the thread, I was just adding my dry sense of humor to it. ;)
  12. Grizz

    why so many deaf single men?

    Ummmm, wow.. :laugh2: Ode De Doo Dah BALLS. Nope, don't belong on a cologne label. "Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full".
  13. Grizz

    Opinion about deaf humor?

    Eh, edited, my sense of humor is way off the beaten path from most...
  14. Grizz

    Is it worth to be "oral"?

    I don't see a reason against being oral and using ASL. I really want to point out something that should be considered from the start. You being deaf, HoH or however you want to identify is all up to you. There are no rules for yourself other than the ones you make. How you choose to converse...
  15. Grizz

    Opinion about deaf humor?

    Deaf humor? As in jokes about the deaf? My friends razz me all the time about it, I hear lots of deaf jokes, never bothered me, I laugh at pretty much anything funny, including me going deaf. The usual joke is if I have my hearing aids off when my wife is nagging me, I smile and tell them it's...
  16. Grizz

    My Mosin Nagant Project

    Excellent. Time for a range report, don't ya think?
  17. Grizz

    Creeped out from your HAs?

    Your dog but is also drying out your hearing aids? ;) I've never thought about trying that, I'm pretty sure my border collie would protest that. :laugh2:
  18. Grizz

    Creeped out from your HAs?

    And vermouth, gin, little pickled onions and green olives. :naughty:
  19. Grizz

    Creeped out from your HAs?

    I would be pretty keen on my BTEs black with orange Harley Davidson Willie G skulls on them and flames. *Shrug* My wife looked at me weird when I suggested that for "pimping" them out. Pish, spoil sport! What's wrong with that? They would match my scoot! :) Hmm, maybe a new "industry" could be...
  20. Grizz

    Creeped out from your HAs?

    Ask your audi how much to send to lab for your fav color ear moulds.