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    Need rent a room or roommate

    No, i don't need room or roommate.
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    Do you guys enjoy sign language or subtitles more when watching content?

    The audio is jumbled (72%), and accents are challenging to understand (61%), which are the most frequent justifications for subtitles. In order to avoid upsetting housemates or family, another 29% of viewers indicated they prefer to watch media quietly at home with subtitles.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Last movie i watched in theater was Madagascar
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    6 Ways to Apologize to Your Partner After Misunderstanding

    Examine your tone, acknowledge your partner's emotions, and explain your position. Find the true cause of the problem. Create A Change Plan and Demonstrate Your Sincerity by Your Actions.
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    I'm looking for new friends and relationship

    Hey Adrianadiaz, we could be friends. There is no age barrier between us.
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    What do you do for a living?

    I do work . I am a teacher but I m not only depends on teaching . I do many other part time jobs in IT sector.
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    15 Simple Ways To Overcome Depression And Sadness

    1. Engage in mindfullness 2. Play upbeat music; 3. Use touch; 4. Consume omega 3 fatty acids; 5. Stop self-talk that is unfavourable; 6. bide your time; 7. Distract yourself; 8. Use more light. 9. Consider cognitive therapy 10. Keep a journal. 11. Talk to your friends. 12. Get enough sleep. 13...